A Pondering Heart

Auteur : Sharon Hughson
Publication : 15/11/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 200
Éditeur : Inkspired Quill
Collections : Reflections
ISBN : 9781733934213
Catégories : Fiction / Historique, Fiction / Chrétien / Historique

Handmaid to Madonna: a journey fraught with agony

My father asked me to keep the strangest parts of this story to myself, but I’ve always worked my thoughts out better when I put them on parchment. So, this journey begins the day an angel informed me I would have a baby—before I was even married.

From making goat cheese to disappearing for three months, I traveled further in the next few years than I had in the fourteen years before them. But my spiritual pilgrimage was only beginning.

“You’ll call him Jesus,” Yahweh’s messenger told me. And the old man in the temple let me know a sword would pierce me with many sorrows. Jesus was only the first of four sons I would mother, but his life changed us all. For the better? But not without conflict.

Reviews of Current Edition

“I loved the story! It is very powerful to think about how Mary would have really felt. It really made me stop and meditate on that for a while.” – Kelli Simonds, author Seven Attitude Changing Postures of a Christian

"This is an excellent fictional account of what it might have been like to walk in Mary's shoes. The author did not take any verses out of context, but simply allowed the reader to see the human side of Mary." Barbara, winner of Goodreads copy

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