Ddraig Chronicles — Ebook


Auteur : Carmen Rubino
Publication : 01/08/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 184
Éditeur : Big Black Dog Publishing
ISBN : 9781733899420
Catégories : Fiction / Gay, Fiction / Fantasy / Vie citadine, Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporain

Nadia is particularly good at finding things. Selected by Mahrah, the ruler of an ancient race, Nadia is tasked with finding the Talismans, originally created to assist humans. To help and protect her, four Watchers – a Maasai tribesman, a Peregrine Falcon, a German Shepherd, and Nadia’s closest friend – volunteer to travel the world with her in search of the devices. Through her journey, Nadia learns to believe in her friends, in herself, and even in the hope of love. However, as Mahrah guides Nadia along the way, Nadia’s ignoble adversaries also have help, and he, too, is a dragon. Who will prevail?

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