The Labrador Response — Ebook

Auteur : Melissa Crickard
Publication : 17/07/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 352
Éditeur : Melissa Franckowiak
ISBN : 9781732585607
Catégories : Fiction / Thrillers / Politique, Fiction / Action et aventure, Médecine / Général

When she's not working in the Emergency Department at George Washington University Hospital, Dr. Sara Sullivan lives an adventurous life. But the chance at another vacation seems to diminish with each passing day when the dangerous Labrador virus begins spreading throughout the capital, devastating the African American population and escalating racial tension. As a biracial woman, Sara begins to fear for her and her daughter's lives when mortality rates continue to grow, with no cure in sight. After being forced into quarantine due to exposure to the virus, her fear becomes reality. Escape is no longer a consideration—it's the only way she can save millions of lives, including her daughter's.

Sara's journey to find a cure becomes increasingly complex as she begins to unravel a conspiracy within the pharmaceutical industry and learns the disturbing truth about the disease's purpose.

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