New York Management Law — Ebook

The Practical Guide to Employment Law for Business Owners and Managers

Auteur : Scott Horton
Publication : 20/04/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 232
Éditeur : Modern Legal Media, LLC
ISBN : 9781732244733
Catégories : Droit / Droit du travail, Entreprise et économie / Droit d'entreprise, Entreprise et économie / Ressources humaines et gestion du personnel

Do you have employees reporting to you? This is a tremendous responsibility, both to them and your company.

Especially in New York, there is a complex web of laws that regulate the workplace. If you don’t know or follow them, then litigation could, unfortunately, be right around the corner.

It’s not your job to be an employment lawyer. But with New York Management Law you CAN dramatically reduce your risk of creating a compliance nightmare!

DON’T think of this GUIDE as a textbook!

First, it’s not that long—but it contains hundreds of tips....

Second, it’s easy to read—as far as books about the law go, anyway!

There is no other book like New York Management Law out there. You just need to grab a copy, start reading, and reap the benefits of the foundation it provides to business owners and managers. Plus, it’s a solid business expense—hopefully, you can even get your company to pay for it! The small investment will pay off BIG.

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