Auteurs : Cornel Rizea, Donald Mckay ,
Publication : 01/05/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 132
Éditeur : Cornel Rizea
ISBN : 9781732180710
Catégories : Religion / Religion et science, Religion / Chrétienté / Général, Religion / Foi

What does it take to be a CITIZEN of HEAVEN? Does God really exist and is He really in control of everything? What is your understanding of the eternal HEAVEN and HELL? There is an internal struggle within all of humanity about the origin of life itself as well as the origin of all that exists in the vastness of our immeasurable universe. How did it all begin?

Citizen of Heaven will challenge you to consider where you personally stand on the critical topic of CREATION or EVOLUTION. This belief will shape your points of view on current world events unfolding everywhere, as well as your points of view of the future eternal destination HEAVEN or HELL after your life on earth ends.

In this insightful book, the author shares his own journey toward citizenship to heaven, citing evidence that is plain and clearly displayed for everyone to see every single day. If you choose to humble yourself - while you can - and earnestly seek out the one and only true God, then He is faithful to reveal Himself to you. You will find a comfort and assurance beyond anything you can possibly describe in words, and you will know it in your heart.

In this day and age of mass confusion, deception, and conflict, SEEKING THE TRUTH revealed in plain sight is an individual responsibility to be undertaken with the utmost sense of urgency, in order for one to become a CITIZEN of HEAVEN.

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