Rock Creek — Ebook

Auteur : John R. Riggs
Publication : 23/05/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 258
Éditeur : AuthorHouse
ISBN : 9781728313016
Catégories : Fiction / Policier et mystère / Général, Fiction / Suspense

Set in mythical Rock County, Indiana, home of The Festival and its world famous covered bridges, Rock Creek is a morally tale that pits good against evil, while exploring all of the gray areas in between. When Sean Morgan's first love and high school sweetheart is brutally raped and murdered, he returns home from his year long sabbatical to a hostile welcome and the nightmare of living without her. At first unable to cope, he begins a downward spiral that nearly costs him his life, before he recovers to begin an eight year odyssey that takes him from “deranged hippie” to Sheriff of Rock County in the search for her killer. That search will involve three talented, beautiful women who will hold his feet to the fire; the Rock Creek Stalker, a local legend and a threat to all who enter his domain; and a path of betrayal and deceit that can only end on the killer's terms. As Sean Morgan soon learns, it's hard to trust anyone, including those you love, when he or she has her own secrets to hide, and misplaced trust can lead you everywhere you don't want to go, including the jaws of death.

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