A Panther's Father II — Ebook

Auteur : James Brown
Publication : 19/04/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Lulu Publishing Services
ISBN : 9781684701162
Catégories : Fiction / Général

“Granny Z” or Zella Roosevelt, a cherished and beloved 105-year-old ancient storyteller, continues telling her amazing children tales encompassing her family’s history from within a blind alleyway in New York City to youngsters seeking life’s acceptance and love. And, as always, her rebellious grandson known as the Panther or JeanPaul follows life’s challenging paths and is now a Most Wanted man in the dangerous world of underground forfeit fighting. Granny Z’s son, Ricky Roosevelt, and Ricky’s best friend, Buster Brocks, continue trying to protect Los Angeles as LAPD Supervisors. JeanPaul’s mother is now married to Terry Bradhearst who makes daily financial decisions that impacts the world. God is in this book. And Jesus. And the Holy Spirit. And God’s Angels. There is also Officer Oliver, Colonel Bradley, and General Reynolds. And Victoria Roosevelt who is also known by her fellow US Marines as Vicious.

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