Miracle Moments in New York Mets History — Ebook

The Turning Points, the Memorable Games, the Incredible Records

Auteur : Brett Topel
Publication : 12/06/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 168
Éditeur : Sports Publishing
Collections : Miracle Moments
ISBN : 9781683582069
Catégories : Sports et loisirs / Essai, Sports et loisirs / Baseball / Statistiques, Sports et loisirs / Baseball / Essai & Writings, Sports et loisirs / Baseball / Histoire

In 1969, the New York Mets took on a nickname that was certainly fitting for that season—the "Miracle Mets."

Nevertheless, even beyond 1969, there have been numerous moments in the history of the Mets that have proven miraculous, from the pitcher's mound to the batter's box and from the regular season to the playoffs. In Miracle Moments in New York Mets History, Brett Topel details the team’s greatest achievements, from the Mets' first win in franchise history in 1962, to Tom Seaver's near-perfect game in 1969, the 1986 World Series, the trade for Mike Piazza, Al Leiter's two-hitter during the 1999 one-game playoff, Jacob deGrom’s 2015 All-Star Game appearance, and much more.

In doing so, Topel highlights the key players and coaches and reveals the high level of excitement that comes with being a Mets fan. Complete with full-color photos, this book makes the perfect gift for young and old fans alike of the New York Mets!

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