The Museum of Lost Love — Ebook

Auteur : Gary Barker
Publication : 01/10/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 216
Éditeur : World Editions
ISBN : 9781642860504
Catégories : Fiction / Romance / Multi-culturel, Fiction / Littérature

• GARY BARKER is an author, researcher, and human rights activist. He is founder and director of Promundo, an international organization that works with men and boys in more than 25 countries to achieve gender equality and end violence against women. His work is thrown into relief by the #MeToo movement. • Barker lives in Washington, DC and is very well connected in the USA and overseas. He’s 100% available to promote the title. • The book is based on an actual museum named the Museum of Broken Relationships, with locations in Los Angeles and Zagreb. We are planning joint promotions • The author has lived and worked in all the countries he writes about, and convinces with his genuine writing • Includes b/w illustrations of the relationship memento(s) at the beginning of each chapter

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