Feeding Hope — Ebook

A Christian Counselor's Thoughts on Therapy, Eating Disorders, and the Healing Process

Auteur : Susan Landry
Publication : 19/02/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 90
Éditeur : Trilogy Christian Publishing
ISBN : 9781640882027
Catégories : Religion / Vie chrétienne / Accomplissement de soi, Religion / Vie chrétienne / Problèmes sociaux, Religion / Vie chrétienne / Femmes's Issues

Written by a therapist who found recovery from an
eating disorder, Feeding Hope provides information
and motivation on pursuing healing. In lighthearted,
non-technical language, Ms. Landry draws on her
own experience and that of her clients to make the
seemingly insurmountable goal of recovery and
freedom one that is not only possible but also worth

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