Livre numérique Good Charts Workbook

Good Charts Workbook — Ebook

Tips, Tools, and Exercises for Making Better Data Visualizations

Auteur : Scott Berinato
Publication : 06/11/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 144
Éditeur : Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN : 9781633696181
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Communication d'entreprise / Général, Informatique / Data Visualization, Entreprise et économie / Communication d'entreprise / Réunions et présentations, Entreprise et économie / Management

A useful tool to help individuals and teams put theory into practice and apply the principles laid out in Good Charts.

  • Puts Good Charts theory into practice
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating and improving charts
  • Helps develop dataviz competence with mini challenges, as well as larger challenges
  • Lots of space for sketching inside the workbook
  • Same friendly, accessible voice and style as Good Charts

Audience: Same as Good Charts: any manager, entrepreneur, or employee in any kind of enterprise who needs to understand dataviz/graphics better and to use it in making their case and advancing their career.

Announced first printing: 20,000
Laydown goal: 6,500

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