The Yonomicon — Ebook

The Ultimate Yo-Yo Resource

Auteur : Mark Mcbride
Publication : 03/04/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 160
Éditeur : Racehorse for Young Readers
ISBN : 9781631582530
Catégories : Non-fiction jeunesse / Sports et loisirs / Général, Non-fiction jeunesse / Sports et loisirs / Sports extrêmes, Non-fiction jeunesse / Jeux et activités / Général
The Yonomicon is not just a book of tricks. This is the how-to book for yo-yo enthusiasts and beginners alike.

This essential guide features tons of lessons to get yo-yo novices set up as well as insider tips to help seasoned yoyo-ers hone their skills. It addresses pertinent topics such as the anatomy of the yo-yo, basic terminology, the science behind the toy, as well lingo spoken by those in the inner circle. In addition to the instructions are cool black-and-white illustrations and diagrams that give readers visuals to aid in trick development and mastery, and instructions to teach yo-yoers more than four dozen awesome tricks, including classics like ?Around the World? and ?The Sleeper? to more advanced, lesser-known tricks like ?The Houdini Drop? and ?Splitting the Atom.?

Start becoming master today with the sage wisdom in The Yonomicon.

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