Raw — Ebook

My Journey from Anxiety to Joy

Auteur : Bella Mahaya Carter
Publication : 22/05/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 256
Éditeur : She Writes Press
ISBN : 9781631523465
Catégories : Biographie et autobiographie / Mémoires personnels, Santé et bien-être / Guérison, Spiritualité et ésotérisme / Inspiration et croissance personnelle

In an effort to cure chronic stomach problems, Bella Mahaya Carter adopted a 100 percent raw, vegan diet, which eased her symptoms and produced impressive, unexpected perks—but didn’t completely heal her. So she looked to her mind for answers, and discovered that unconscious negative thoughts, combined with a stressful, hectic life, were sabotaging her health and happiness. Anxiety and a desire to heal it holistically—even before Carter knew what it was—is at the heart of this story, which reveals one writer’s struggle to face her fears, release perfectionism, surrender things beyond her control, and find validation within for her life and work. Divided into three sections—body, mind, and spirit—Raw is a chronicle of Carter’s journey, which dragged her, kicking and screaming, into spiritual adulthood.

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