For the Love of Dogs — Ebook

The Complete Guide to Selecting, Training, and Caring for Your Rescue Dog

Auteurs : Mick Mcaulife, Carol Griglione, Tom Colvin
Publication : 15/10/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : CompanionHouse Books
ISBN : 9781621871903
Catégories : Animaux de compagnie / Chiens / Général

The perfect read before you bring your rescue pet home, For the Love of Dogs is a witty and informative book on all things canine-related. Featuring over 250 stunning pictures of cute dogs, this resource illustrates the many facets of their personality, provides tips on training, and explains the best ways to care for a rescue dog. Know how to give them the life they’ve always wanted as you flip through the pages of this books that’s as adorable as it is enlightening!

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