Lies Across America — Ebook

What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong

Auteur : James W. Loewen
Publication : 02/04/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : The New Press
ISBN : 9781620974933
Catégories : Histoire / États-Unis / Général
Sales Track: Perennially bestselling author James Loewen, whose Lies My Teacher Told Me has sold nearly two million copies; Lies Across America has sold over 20,000 copies to date in paperback.
New relevance: as the nation struggles over the memorials of the Civil War in places like Charlottesville, in its ongoing reckoning with white supremacy, this book is more important than ever, and has already attracted renewed attention.
Updated material: this edition will be wholly updated and reworked, with dedicated researchers verifying what has changed and what hasn’t on the American landscape, including changes and updates across each chapter. It also includes a rewrite of the analysis and theory that Loewen uses to understand these issues.
Mitch Landrieu has become a spokesperson for this book, as he writes and tours across the country talking about confederate memorials.
Author promotion: Loewen continually speaks at venues, especially universities, across the country, and regularly writes for History News Network and other outlets.

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