A History of America in Ten Strikes — Ebook

Auteur : Erik Loomis
Publication : 02/10/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 288
Éditeur : The New Press
ISBN : 9781620971628
Catégories : Droit / Droit du travail, Entreprise et économie / Travail, Science politique / Travail et relations industrielles, Histoire / États-Unis / Général
A thrilling and timely account of ten moments in history when labor challenged the very nature of power in America

Powerful and accessible, A History of America in Ten Strikes challenges all of our contemporary assumptions around labor, unions, and American workers. In this brilliant book, labor historian Erik Loomis recounts ten critical workers’ strikes in American labor history that everyone needs to know about (and then provides an annotated list of the 150 most important moments in American labor history in the appendix). From the Lowell Mill Girls strike in the 1830s to Justice for Janitors in 1990, these labor uprisings do not just reflect the times in which they occurred, but speak directly to the present moment.

For example, we often think that Lincoln ended slavery by proclaiming the slaves emancipated, but Loomis shows that they freed themselves during the Civil War by simply withdrawing their labor. He shows how the hopes and aspirations of a generation were made into demands at a GM plant in Lordstown in 1972. And he takes us to the forests of the Pacific Northwest in the early nineteenth century where the radical organizers known as the Wobblies made their biggest inroads against the power of bosses. But there were also moments when the movement was crushed by corporations and the government; Loomis helps us understand the present perilous condition of American workers and draws lessons from both the victories and defeats of the past.

In crystalline narratives, labor historian Erik Loomis lifts the curtain on workers’ struggles, giving us a fresh perspective on American history from the boots up.

1: Lowell Mill Girls and the Development of American Capitalism (Massachusetts, 1830–40)

2: Slaves on Strike (The Confederacy, 1861–65)

3: The Eight-Hour Day Strikes (The Western Railroads and Chicago, 1886)

4: The Anthracite Strike and the Progressive State (Colorado, 1894)

5: The Bread and Roses Strike (Massachusetts, 1912)

6: The Flint Sit-Down Strike and the New Deal (Michigan, 1937)

7: The Oakland General Strike and Cold War America (California, 1946)

8: Lordstown and Workers in a Rebellious Age (Ohio, 1972)

9: Air Traffic Controllers and the New Assault on Unions (Nationwide, 1981)

10: Justice for Janitors and Immigrant Unionism (Los Angeles, California, 1990)

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