Click with Your Chick — Ebook

A Complete Chicken Training Course Using the Clicker

Auteur : Giene Keyes
Publication : 11/06/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : CompanionHouse Books
ISBN : 9781620083451
Catégories : Animaux de compagnie / Oiseaux

Chickens have become popular as pets and egg providers—this book explains how to engage with them on a positive level. · Shows how to understand and connect with your pet chicken—it can do anything a dog can do if it is trained correctly. · Teaches how to use operant conditioning, luring, and positive training methods on chickens. · “Urban chicken momentum is spreading across the U.S. Nearly 480 million chickens in the U.S. today.” —Worldwatch Institute Research 2017 · Popularity of clicker training began with Karen Pryor’s 1984 book Don’t Shoot the Dog!

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