Guard of the Dead — Ebook

A Novel

Auteurs : George Yaraq ,
Publication : 02/04/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Hoopoe
Collections : Hoopoe Fiction
ISBN : 9781617979323
Catégories : Fiction / Thrillers / Politique, Fiction / Policier et mystère / Général, Fiction / Guerre et militaire

Aber scrapes a living in a Beirut hospital morgue by night, stealing from both the bodies he tends and his bosses. But he has a dark history that continues to haunt him. During the civil war, he fled his village for Beirut and, lost in the big city, joined a political party to survive. When he is kidnapped from the hospital, he knows he has not escaped his past and the many crimes he witnessed. But what or who is still chasing him?

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