Clouds over Alexandria — Ebook

Auteurs : Ibrahim Abdel Meguid ,
Publication : 02/04/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Hoopoe
Collections : Hoopoe Fiction
ISBN : 9781617979309
Catégories : Fiction / Historique, Fiction / Politique, Fiction / Littérature

In the 1970s, once-cosmopolitan Alexandria was at the forefront of the clash between Nasser’s socialist-era principles and the burgeoning fundamentalist movement. Five idealistic students find themselves caught up in this tangled web, as their leftist activism makes them a target both from government surveillance and the Islamist groups seeking to curtail the city’s social life. The group of friends’ participation in the explosive ‘bread riots’ is swiftly followed by the crushing experience of prison, and the course of their young lives changes irrevocably. The final part in Ibrahim Abdel Meguid’s Alexandria trilogy conjures up this turbulent era in rich detail. This story of young love, aspiration for social change, disillusionment and frustration will resonate with readers today.

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