Fractured Destinies — Ebook

A Novel

Auteurs : Rabai Al-Madhoun ,
Publication : 01/04/2018
Langue : English
Éditeur : Hoopoe
ISBN : 9781617978784
Catégories : Fiction / Historique, Fiction / Politique, Fiction / Littérature

Palestinian-Armenian Ivana eloped with a British doctor in the 1940s, in the midst of the Nakba, and emigrated to England. Over half a century later, her daughter Julie has been tasked with her dying wish: to take her ashes back to their old home in Acre. With her husband Walid, they leave London and embark on a journey back to their country of birth. Written in four parts, each as a concerto movement, Rabai al-Madhoun's pioneering new novel explores Palestinian exile, with all its complex loyalties and identities. Broad in scope and sweeping in its history, it lays bare the tragedy of everyday Palestinian life.

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