Sappho's Overhead Projector — Ebook

Auteur : Bonnie J. Morris
Publication : 13/11/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Bywater Books
ISBN : 9781612941400
Catégories : Fiction / Juif, Fiction / Lesbien, Fiction / Science Fiction / Voyage dans le temps, Fiction / Femmes contemporaines

Feminist scholar Hannah Stern finds herself working at the Library of Congress, assigned to catalogue a donation of rare lesbian books. But it’s more than a one-year job in Washington: it’s a mission handed to her by a powerful and mysterious goddess, The Overhead Herself. When a series of desperate, haunted phone calls from the ghosts of lesbian writers directs her to rescue even more at-risk books, Hannah begins a journey into the love affair between banned writers and newly-out readers. Will hearing others’ fond memories of lesbian books from the 1920s and 1970s help Hannah save their legacy for future generations? Or will Isabel, Hannah’s partner and the mystical proprietor of Sappho’s Bar and Grill, have to summon her magic to save the entire bar membership?

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