Dust — Ebook

Auteur : Ann Mcman
Publication : 17/04/2018
Langue : English
Éditeur : Bywater Books
Collections : An Evan Reed Mystery
ISBN : 9781612941288
Catégories : Fiction / Thrillers / Politique, Fiction / Policier et mystère / Femme policière, Fiction / Lesbien
Dust was originally published in late 2011, and is considered a strong follow-up to her best-selling debut, Jericho. From the onset, political intrigue and plot twists keep the reader guessing. Each of the characters has their own complexities with varying degrees of “badness,” making it difficult to figure out who exactly the good guys really are. This book will appeal to readers who love complex mysteries and thrillers, and those looking for a meaty novel full of political intrigue. This book has been used in the English curriculum of Davidson College.

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