Goldenrod — Ebook

Auteur : Ann Mcman
Publication : 04/07/2017
Langue : English
Pages : 350
Éditeur : Bywater Books
Collections : A Jericho Novel
ISBN : 9781612940847
Catégories : Fiction / Lesbien, Fiction / Humoristique, Fiction / Romance / Gay, Fiction / Littérature
Welcome back to Jericho, a small town tightly tucked into the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, where life and love have as many twists and turns as a winding mountain road. Join Syd, Maddie, David, Michael, Henry, Celine, and the irrepressible Roma Jean Freemantle as they band together to navigate the minefields of their ever-changing world in this newest Jericho novel.

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