Yoga and Mindfulness for Young Children — Ebook

Poses for Play, Learning, and Peace

Auteurs : Maureen Heil, Ilene S. Rosen
Publication : 11/03/2020
Langue : English
Éditeur : Redleaf Press
ISBN : 9781605546681
Catégories : Éducation / Méthodes d'enseignement / Général, Éducation / Crèche et maternelle, Santé et bien-être / Santé de l'enfant, Santé et bien-être / Yoga, Psychologie / Du développement / Enfant

Yoga isn’t just the physical poses; intentional breathing (and therefore mindfulness) are an integral part of it. Yoga and Mindfulness for Young Children explains the physical and social-emotional benefits of incorporating yoga into early childhood classrooms. Readers do not need to have any experience with yoga to be able to use this book, and the ideas and suggestions are easily modified to suit an individual teacher’s needs.

Early childhood educators and registered children's yoga instructors Ilene S. Rosen and Maureen Heil share how to do nine specific breathing techniques and sixty-three different poses with children. The poses are grouped by ten different categories: back-bending poses, forward-bending poses, harmony poses (about balance), just for fun (offer emotional release), lying down poses, partner poses (in pairs), sitting down poses, standing upright poses, twisting poses, and upside-down poses. Information on how do yoga with children with diverse abilities is included.

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