INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique Signs of Resistance

Signs of Resistance — Ebook

A Visual History of Protest in America

Auteur : Bonnie Siegler
Publication : 20/02/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 240
Éditeur : Artisan
ISBN : 9781579658748
Catégories : Histoire / États-Unis / Général, Science politique / Processus politique / Plaidoyer politique, Art / Art et politique
“Clever images of dissent are not a recent phenomenon in the United States. . . . [Signs of Resistance is] visually fascinating. . . . [and] there is bigly wit here, too.”
The Washington Post

In hundreds of iconic, smart, angry, clever, unforgettable images, Signs of Resistance chronicles what truly makes America great: citizens unafraid of speaking truth to power.

Two hundred and forty images—from British rule and women’s suffrage to the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War; from women’s equality and Black Lives Matter to the actions of our forty-fifth president and the Women’s March—offer an inspiring, optimistic, and visually galvanizing history lesson about the power people have when they take to the streets and stand up for what’s right.

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