trans(re)lating house one — Ebook

Auteur : Poupeh Missaghi
Publication : 04/02/2020
Langue : English
Éditeur : Coffee House Press
ISBN : 9781566895736
Catégories : Fiction / Politique, Fiction / Littérature, Fiction / Héritage culturel, Fiction / Femmes contemporaines

Trans(re)lating House One is a hybrid work that incorporates documentary methods, reportage, and critical theory, reinventing what the way we look at storytelling and what it can do. This kind of exciting experimentation has always been at the forefront of what Coffee House does, and we’re excited to bring a perspective not often explored to American readers.
Poupeh uses a language and style that attempts to capture the rhythms of the city of Tehran and pushes the limits of the English language with her native Persian, asking us to consider the meanings behind and beyond linguistic choices in documentary narratives in new and exciting way.
The questions Poupeh raises about the significance and role of witnesses to history, the materiality of our bodies and the urgency of literature are questions that are of vital importance to artists and their audiences today, and will resonate with anyone invested in the role art has to play in capturing the stories around us.

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