The Intangibles — Ebook

Auteur : Elaine Equi
Publication : 12/11/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Coffee House Press
ISBN : 9781566895729
Catégories : Poésie / Femmes auteurs, Poésie / Américain / Général

Equi is, in Guernica's words, "not a poet’s poet and not a people’s poet, and yet she is both." That combination of technical prowess and engagement with accessibility makes her very much like Ron Padgett—someone whose work can be appreciated by all.

The present—as it is expressed it through ads, social media, consumer culture, food, pills, and entertainment—is woven with the small moments of the everyday here, effortlessly tying the post-modern with the personal.

Equi’s poetry examines complex ideas with a light touch, playfulness, and grace, and is both casual and incisive at once. Her work is funny and subtle and confident—her humor is a real and charming entry point.

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