Within the Labyrinth — Ebook

Auteur : Brenden Hantges
Publication : 22/06/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 838
Éditeur : AuthorHouse
ISBN : 9781546247579
Catégories : Fiction / Science Fiction / Général, Fiction / Thrillers, Fiction / Fantasy / Général

Welcome to Zephyrus: the isolated town in the valley by the ocean. My name is Cid. Let me show you around. All the people here in this deranged fantasyland are unknowingly part of an elaborate game being played on them by the elites in the mega-metropolis, Tartarus, one hundred and eleven forbidden miles away. With one exception: one person who is completely off limits and uninhabitable: his name is Atticus, and he has just arrived. It all begins the morning Lindsay finds him washed up on the beach, with broken pieces of raft adrift in the choppy ocean waters nearby. His sudden and mysterious arrival triggers a wild series of insanely psychotic events. Soon after finding Atticus, Lindsay experiences a glitch in her mind, when she hears a strange mans voice in her head. This frightening malfunction steers her down a long, disturbing path of pain and paranoia, as she curiously follows its eerie trail to the haunting truth within the labyrinth Atticus awakes to find he has no memory of anything prior to his arrival in Zephyrus (other than the thing which followed him). The doctors diagnosis is amnesia, yet there seems to be more to the story than thatthey just dont know what yet. Crooked Council member and psychiatrist, Doctor Lyman, runs a battery of tests on him (while secretly implanting his microchip), before releasing him into the town. Reluctantly, Atticus is sent to live in a halfway house full of addicts and drunks, where he meets his best friend and his lover. But this living arrangement is only temporary. His curiosity and ambition will take him on a twisted journey of no returna kaleidoscopic odyssey with terribly grave consequences. He then sets his sights on finding a way out of the strictly confined town of Zephyrus, and to the neon, futuristic city of Tartarus. And also, to becoming the very first person to successfully surmount the insurmountable Mount Erebusthe schizophrenic, mythological mountain whose summit is perpetually shrouded with clouds. Problem is, wherever he goes, the monster goes too. It follows him around, like a black cloud, infecting everything... Beneath it all, a war is waging: a cosmic showdown between the Dark and the Light: a fight for the throne which Satan currently occupies. A throne usurped from His creator, God, in the last great conflagration. But now the Devils long, treacherous reign is in jeopardy, as forces of the Light are rising up Atticus and Lindsay soon find themselves at the center of it all, in the mind-bending eye of the storm. Both wish to get to the truth, but quickly realize it wont be easy. The terrifying conspiracy keeps getting bigger and bigger, as they fall, further and further down the rabbit hole, each on a dangerous collision course set to crash against the most powerful forces in the universe Sooo, brace yourself, and be warned: you may experience some turbulence. This voyage is not for the faint of heart. And just rememberits only a game.

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