Reasons to Reason in Primary Maths and Science — Ebook

Auteurs : Alison Borthwick, Alan Cross
Publication : 11/06/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 232
Éditeur : Learning Matters
ISBN : 9781526451101
Catégories : Éducation / Méthodes d'enseignement / Mathématiques

How can teachers help children to develop reasoning skills?
What is reasoning and how do we teach it?

Much is being said in schools and education about the importance of reasoning skills. This book explores what reasoning is and what it is not. It includes examples of how reasoning in primary mathematics and science classes can develop. It shows how a connection between the 'skills' of mathematics and science can help children to gain a better understanding of reasoning.

What is a conjecture?

What makes you think?

What makes you think about your thinking?

What does reasoning look like?

With links to classroom practice and examples of effective teaching throughout, this book not only provides an exploration of what reasoning is and why it's important - it also show you how to develop children's reasoning skills in your classroom.

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