The Agenda Mover — Ebook

When Your Good Idea Is Not Enough

Auteur : Samuel B. Bacharach
Publication : 02/08/2016
Langue : English
Pages : 186
Éditeur : Cornell Publishing
Collections : The BLG Pragmatic Leadership Series
ISBN : 9781501710025
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Comportement organisationnel, Entreprise et économie / Leadership, Science sociale / Sociologie / Général

Organizations, institutions, and individuals get stuck in spite of their innovative ideas and ambitious agendas. Never has the timing been better for a book that cuts through the theoretical jargon and delineates the exact political and managerial skills leaders need to move agendas forward. Whether you're a team leader trying to lead change and innovation in a large corporation, an entrepreneur trying to gain support, a politician trying to expand your coalition, or an individual trying to advance your career and build networks, The Agenda Mover will give you the political and managerial leadership skills necessary to achieve results. Based on the premise that leadership competencies and skills can be learned, The Agenda Mover is the inaugural volume of the practitioner-oriented Pragmatic Leadership Series published in association with Cornell University Press. Each volume emphasizes specific skills of execution that leaders at all levels need to master. Visit to learn more about the series.

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