Film as a Research Method — Ebook

A Practice-based Guide

Auteur : Jessica Jacobs
Publication : 18/02/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 256
Éditeur : SAGE Publications Ltd
ISBN : 9781473933705
Catégories : Non-fiction jeunesse / Arts de la scène / Film

This applied text provides students and researchers with a practical, step-by-step guide to using film to produce research.

Despite the recent explosion in the use of digital technologies like smartphones, there has been huge lack of practical information for researchers who want to use film in their work. Until now.

Each chapter in this guide uses case studies to provide practical advice and recommendations, including advice from film professionals. Explanations of the necessary theory are provided throughout to give in-depth context to your research. In two sections - on method and on output – this guide explains film as a visual methodolog, covering:

  • technologies of film - equipment and software
  • constructing the sound and the image
  • filming - using your camera in the field
  • editing - from the first cut to post-production
  • impact and the audience

This highly-informative resource - including web-based materials - provides anyone with a smartphone in their pocket with the tools to use film in their research. From the qualitative issues of film as a method to the practical issues of film as an output, this is the social science researcher’s A-Z.

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