Do You Ever Cry, Dad? — Ebook

A Father's Guide to Surviving Family Breakup

Auteur : I.J. Schecter
Publication : 19/01/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 200
Éditeur : Dundurn
ISBN : 9781459742697
Catégories : Famille / Divorce et séparation, Famille / Éducation familiale / Paternité, Famille / Éducation familiale / Famille monoparentale
  • A book specifically aimed at dads going through divorce, separation, or marital breakups, offering guidance, support, and many stories from other men who have been through the same thing
  • Helps dads through the ordeal of a breakup while maintaining a loving and healthy relationship with their kids
  • Simple, honest, frank advice and support, without judgment or blame
  • Few books on divorce and parenting focus specifically on men and the unique concerns and problems they may face
  • Author is a prolific writer on parenting and family, is media savvy, and is a strong public speaker

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