Do You Ever Cry, Dad? — Ebook

A Father's Guide to Surviving Family Breakup

Auteur : I.J. Schecter
Publication : 19/01/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 200
Éditeur : Dundurn
ISBN : 9781459742697
Catégories : Famille / Divorce et séparation, Famille / Éducation familiale / Paternité, Famille / Éducation familiale / Famille monoparentale
The help divorcing dads need to survive marital breakdown while staying close to their kids.

Divorce and separation are overwhelmingly sad, especially when kids are involved. In Do You Ever Cry, Dad? I.J. Schecter shares his experience, stories from other fathers, and insights from family experts to provide practical and emotional support to dads going through the anguish of a split, and to help them maintain a loving and healthy relationship with those who matter most in their lives: their children.

Filled with emotional and practical help, concrete research, and a deep understanding of the pain and processing marital breakup involves, Do You Ever Cry, Dad? aims to help dads get themselves and their kids through one of the hardest changes in their lives. Honest, heartfelt, and compassionate, this book is here to instill in any dad hope in place of the despair and hurt he may be keeping to himself.

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