New Dark Ages — Ebook

The X Gang

Auteur : Warren Kinsella
Publication : 10/11/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 304
Éditeur : Dundurn
Collections : The X Gang
ISBN : 9781459742178
Catégories : Fiction / Politique, Fiction / Coming of Age
The X Gang face off with Earl Turner, a presidential candidate straight out of their nightmares.

It is a dangerous, divisive time. A far-right political candidate, Earl Turner, is seeking the presidency and stirring up hatred against minorities everywhere. The X Gang, meanwhile, have lost one of their friends to that presidential candidate — and are encountering manifestations of hate practically everywhere they go.

As Turner captures supporters and seems to rise unstoppably, the X Gang are resisting as hard as they can. New Dark Ages is about surviving in a nasty, brutish, and short-sighted time — and whether one should just go along, or fight back. The X Gang fight back.

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