Livre numérique Understanding Everyday Racism

Understanding Everyday Racism — Ebook

An Interdisciplinary Theory

Auteur : Philomena Essed
Publication : 25/07/1991
Langue : English
Pages : 336
Éditeur : SAGE Publications, Inc
Collections : SAGE Series on Race and Ethnic Relations
ISBN 10 : 1452253331
ISBN : 9781452253336
Catégories : Science sociale / Études ethniques / Général

This book compares contemporary racism in the US and the Netherlands through in-depth interviews with fifty-five black women. As an interdisciplinary analysis of gendered social constructions of racism, it breaks new ground. Essed problematizes and reinterprets many of the meanings and everyday practices that the majority of society has come to take for granted. She addresses crucial but largely neglected dimensions of racism: how it is experienced; how black women recognize its covert manifestations; how they acquire this knowledge; and how they challenge racism in everyday life. To answer these questions, over two thousand experiences of black women are analyzed within a theoretical framework that integrates the disciplines of macro- and

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