The Summary of the Boys In the Boat: Based On the Book By Daniel James Brown — Ebook

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Publication : 08/03/2018
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ISBN : 9781387016198
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Daniel James Brown's The Boys in the Boat tells the true story of overcoming the insuperable and achieving the improbable. Brown's story recounts the glorious triumph of the nine American boys who revealed the face of true grit to the entire world during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The University of Washington's eight-oar rowing team composed of boys from middle-class families: sons of farmers, shipyard workers, and loggers. Victory seemed out of reach even from the beginning, but no odds ever stopped them from defeating their rivals from the East Coast, the elite from Great Britain, and even the German rowing crew representing Adolf Hitler himself. Enthralling and truly relatable, Brown's The Boys in the Boat tells of a quest for victory and salvation. It is founded on the boys' journals as well as their personal accounts of the phenomenal feat—a narrative about the era's remarkable triumph over great odds and finding the light in the dark when all hope seems lost.

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