Dreams of Allon — Ebook

Auteur : Steven Wayne Newell
Publication : 15/05/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Lulu.com
ISBN : 9781300899723
Catégories : Fiction / Science Fiction / Général

This is the second part of the second story in the Allon Science Fiction Series, originally written in 1987 it was said about this book, that sometimes only science fiction can get to the heart of a matter. We do not live in the Newtonian Physics reality science texts generally described. Things changed. In a Quantum Physics universe the secrets of the past want to hide from us the actual future. This creates a false image of a doomed future, but a new essay from our ancient past knows the future can be good. Dare to see this different spiritual vision originally written in the middle 1980s contrasting boldly with the images of main stream politicians of that time. This is the rare novel that was selling as a collectors item for it's visionary insights about the evolving social and governmental impact of the internet. This futuristic communal astronaut home with a LAN network and camera cell phones as foreseen in 1986.

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