The Legendary Warslinger — Ebook

The Haunted City

Auteur : Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson Ii
Publication : 16/10/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 300
Éditeur : Dark Titan Entertainment
Collections : The Haunted City Saga
ISBN : 9780999820469
Catégories : Fiction / Action et aventure, Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy, Fiction / Occidentaux

"One of the Seven." The deserts roam the western world as the green, lush land has consumed the eastern world. Follow Randolph Henrich, a Warslinger of the Heptad. A group of holy knights who protect those from the malevolent entities roaming within and without the worlds. On his journey toward the cryptic Haunted City, Henrich meets both allies and enemies who will make his journey one to remember.

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