Why Marry a Man You Don't Need — Ebook

A Candid Conversation About Marriage, Money, Success, and the Black Woman

Auteurs : Helen Powell-Stoddart, Carmen Hope Thomas
Publication : 11/12/2016
Langue : English
Pages : 182
Éditeur : Future Family Publishing
ISBN : 9780998444710
Catégories : Religion / Vie chrétienne / Amour et mariage, Famille / Mariage, Science sociale / Sociologie / Mariage et famille

Don’t get the wrong idea; this book is all about empowering women to be great wives in loving marriages with incredible men! In this book, Why Marry a Man You Don’t Need, Carmen Hope Thomas takes on the task of confronting sisters who have been successful in their career but not equally successful in their relationships. Carmen’s perspective is refreshing and reflective because she shares her personal journey toward a happy marriage and motherhood, all while empowering women everywhere to be honest about the myths and misinformation that have shaped their ideas about men and marriage.

Carmen will take you through the exercise of looking at your success, career and money women celebrate and help reveal her calculated theory of why some women have chosen their successes over a healthy relationship and how that choice affects our entire faith community.

“A Powerful Must Read! Carmen has taught us how to lift up our men to make them live up to the image God has prepared them to be...”
-Helen Powell Stoddart, MD, MS—Pain 2 Wellness Healthcare, Madison, AL

“Straight Talk! As a Licensed Therapist and Coach, I highly value individuals who can help women move past their current situation, see beyond what is visible, to what is possible. If you are looking for a straightforward, humorous and an easy read that challenges women to be honest with themselves and reconsider the role of a wife, Why Marry A Man You Don’t Need is for you!”
-Sheila Davis, Ed.D, M.S., LMHC, NCC, CAP—Break Through Counseling Education Center, Winter Park, FL

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