Pedophilia Erotica: Closeup: : Assault by Family Members — Ebook

When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children

Auteur : Rachael l Robertson
Publication : 21/11/2017
Langue : English
Pages : 228
Éditeur : MNMS Charitable Giving Projects, INC.
ISBN : 9780984418527
Catégories : Famille / Général, Famille / Abus / Maltraitance des enfants

There is a wave of new predatory acts done toward children of ages 15 -18 years of age. I believe this is due to the information of technology phase, child pornography and our global world. Children are categorized by sexual offenders in myriad of ways; however, sex trafficking and sexual indecencies of the particular ages of 15- 18 years of age has now turned its focus on cultural dating. Willful dating of this age bracket with intimate partners of adult ages. And I know that some of the ages of the adult can range from 26 to 51. It’s just one technique, one more opportunity and effort to over expose our children.

Moreover, mingle this tragedy with a family member and the Department of Family Protective Services. Families are not able to regroup and survive. And indeed, there are traps, excuses and cultural fads that subvert the natural and genetic urges of teens to understand desire/sexual knowledge. Futher, the exposures and traps we never thought possible so that offenders take advantage of our children at the early ages of infancy. This book series, Breaking Generation Curse – Pedophilia Erotica: Close Up, delineates child offenders, their nature, manipulation and basis’s for capturing our children. This Breaking Generational Curses Series looks at their technique, safety penetration and how close family members, intimate members and family friends may usurp the sexual innocence and protection we provided our small ones.

Essentially, what comes out of a culture of acceptance on one hand is the critical judgement of parents on the other hand. And, as mothers and fathers, if we are unable to recognize diseased pedophilic adults when we can...... the repercussion can be devastating for families.

Healthy family dynamic comes from understanding yours and your parent’s past, legacy and how to successfully move forward in your life. Family dynamic is more often about parents rather than parent-ing. Parents and children learn to dialogue and communicate based on the success rate of parents dialoging and communicating with each other. In other words, a stimulus approach based on principle.

Dr. Ra’chael’s philosophy is to first: teach parents something. Essentially, have a competitive discussion on parental approach, guidance and learning what you’ve observed about yourself. Next, during her speaking engagements her next and second approach is helping parents create standardized principles. Standardizing high-level cognition defines an incentive for creativity, unity and understanding. Once, your family understands your principles and approaches, their viewpoints circulate around your expectation of them. Dr. Ra’chaels uses her methods of business: integration of information, safety and queries, in her doctoral studies to approach fathers’ and mothers’ in the quest for positive creative dynamics. To learn more, request a family consultation visit: and click Learn More.

Through a decade of DFPS, Dr. Robertson's books are electrifying, heartbreaking and what's more, educational in preparing families for a fight. Moment by reading moment, Dr. Robertson teaches her supporters how to regain control, survive a broken system and what may be flagrant acts of continuing to destroy families. Enjoy the Series, Recovering From Sexual Assault by Family Members, Pedophilia Erotica: Closeup: Recovering From Sexual Assault by Family Members, Understanding Psychological Assessments and Decoding Language Workbook, and When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children the Original and When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children the Return. Visit Dr. Robertson's Radio Show Mainstreet Talk Radio and the Cognitive Institute of Dallas for speaking engagements, webinars and tour information.

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