Winning Scholarships for College, Fifth Edition — Ebook

An Insider's Guide to Paying for College

Auteur : Marianne Ragins
Publication : 17/09/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 400
Éditeur : The Scholarship Workshop LLC
ISBN : 9780976766056
Catégories : Éducation / Général, Entreprise et économie / Finance personnelle / Général, Soutien scolaire / College Guides

Marianne Ragins, the publisher of and winner of more than $400,000 in scholarship money, presents the latest revision of Winning Scholarships for College, Fifth Edition. Containing numerous scholarship and college money resources, this classic guide will show you the path to scholarship success. With this newest edition, Marianne uses her knowledge of being a scholarship applicant, a mega scholarship winner, a scholarship committee judge, a scholarship sponsor, and a scholarship coach to help you get scholarships for college too!

With over 300 pages and nearly 40 chapters jam-packed with information, this is one of the most comprehensive books on winning scholarships available, revealing where and how to search for funds, and containing step-by-step instructions for the entire application process. This easy to use college readiness resource is a must-have for all students in search of college money to fund their educational dreams.

The fifth edition has information on hundreds of academic scholarships - from the most well-known resources to smaller, more localized funds. This fully loaded educational resource guides readers through the use of the Internet and social media in their scholarship search; and gives detailed suggestions for essays with examples from the author's own highly successful scholarship search.

Winning Scholarships for College also has special chapters focused on helping all types of students pay for college including

  • scholarships for middle class students
  • scholarships that do not require an essay
  • scholarships for home schooled students
  • scholarships for students without an A average
  • scholarships for students as young as age six
  • scholarships for minority students
  • scholarships for current college students
  • scholarships for nontraditional students
  • money for graduate school and more.

Whether you're in high school, enrolled in or going back to college, studying abroad, or pursuing a postgraduate degree, this book is an invaluable resource for helping you minimize or even eliminate student loans. With Winning Scholarships for College, you can effectively finance the education you want and successfully pay for college with scholarships, grants, and awards.

“An excellent starting point for students of all ages.”


“Marianne Ragins is an example to everyone that if you try hard enough and put forth the effort, you can accomplish anything.”

—Thomas B. Murphy, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

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