Working Whole — Ebook

How to unite your spiritual beliefs and your work to live fulfilled

Auteur : Kourtney Whitehead
Publication : 23/04/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 298
Éditeur : Simply Service
ISBN : 9780960041916
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Carrières / Général, Développement personnel / Accomplissement de soi / Succès, Entreprise et économie / Motivation

“Our work should be a manifestation of who we are and what we believe.”

Do you want more from work than just a paycheck or a title? Are you ready to manifest a work life rooted in joy, purpose and contentment? Working Whole shares tools to apply your spiritual beliefs to your work pursuits, sharing eight principles that will free you to be inspired and satisfied in your life and work callings.

Featuring informative content, exploratory exercises and actionable suggestions throughout, Working Whole provides a clear framework for making career decisions. It will lead you through a transformative experience to become more creative, energized, observant, accepting of change, open-hearted and fulfilled.

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