The 21 — Ebook

A Journey into the Land of Coptic Martyrs

Publication : 15/02/2020
Langue : English
Pages : 272
Éditeur : Plough Publishing House
ISBN : 9780874868401
Catégories : Religion / Intolérance Religieuse, Persécution & Conflit, Science sociale / Émigration et immigration, Science politique / Liberté politique et sécurité / Terrorisme, Histoire / Afrique / Nord, Voyage / Afrique / Nord
Includes new foreword from Coptic Archbishop Angaelos.
International Besteller: The 21 was an instant bestseller in Europe upon its publication in German in February 2018.
Major media event: The brutal killing of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS in Libya was an unforgettable moment that still arouses interest. Publication date is on the four-year anniversary of the event.
Center of a continuing global conflict: The turmoil in the Middle East and the issues of Islamic extremism, refugees, and economic migration that the book address continue to capture headlines regularly.
Sheds light on a fascinating subculture: Coptic Christianity is an intriguing but little-understood religion in the center of the Middle Eastern conflict.

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