Spring and Autumn Annals — Ebook

Auteurs : Diane Di Prima, Ammiel Alcalay
Publication : 19/02/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : City Lights Publishers
ISBN : 9780872867895
Catégories : Collections littéraires / Auteurs Femmes, Poésie / Femmes auteurs, Biographie et autobiographie / Mémoires personnels, Biographie et autobiographie / Littéraire, Biographie et autobiographie / Femmes

Never-before-published memoir by Diane di Prima, written during her time living in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

An illuminating snapshot of life as a young bohemian artist on the East and West Coast, through the eyes of a gifted writer entrenched deeply in the Beat-era scene.

The book details di Prima's relationships with several artist in New York including the dancer, Freddie Herko, for which the book is chiefly about who died tragically, and LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka).

Also a fascinating look into a writer's process. Fans of Diane di Prima and any artist of that era get to see the disciplined practice from one of the greats.

Different than Memoirs of a Beatnik in that this book is based on di Prima's real experiences.

Pursuing blurbs by Patti Smith, Kim Addonizio, Kathleen Fraser, Chris Kraus, Ana Bozicievic, Dodie Bellamy, sam sax, Carmen Giménez Smith, Hoa Nguyen, Ken Chen, Kristin Prevallet and more.

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