Torn from the World — Ebook

A Guerrilla's Escape from a Secret Prison in Mexico

Auteur : John Gibler
Publication : 15/07/2018
Langue : English
Éditeur : City Lights Publishers
Collections : City Lights Open Media
ISBN : 9780872867833
Catégories : Histoire / Amérique latine / Mexique, Histoire / Moderne / 20ème siècle, Science sociale / Violence dans la société, Biographie et autobiographie / Activistes sociaux

Andrés Tzompaxtle Tecpile was torn from the world. Abducted off the street, blindfolded, and beaten, he was brought to a Mexican military facility and “disappeared.” Tzompaxtle, a young indigenous man and member of an insurgent guerrilla movement, was subjected to months of interrogation and torture as the military tried to extract information from him. In an effort to buy time to protect his family and comrades, and to keep himself alive, he lead his captors on fruitless journeys to abandoned safe-houses and false rendezvous locations for four months. Finally, faced with imminent execution, he decided to make what he thought was a suicidal attempt at escape; when he miraculously survived, he was able to return underground. Gleaned from years of clandestine interviews, Tzompaxtle’s story offers a rare glimpse into chronic injustice, underground resistance movements, and the practice of forced disappearance and torture in contemporary Mexico.

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