Evolving Humanity and Biblical Wisdom — Ebook

Reading Scripture through the Lens of Teilhard de Chardin

Auteur : Marie Noonan Sabin
Publication : 01/04/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 200
Éditeur : Liturgical Press Academic
ISBN : 9780814684771
Catégories : Religion / Chrétienté / Catholique, Religion / Études bibliques / Général, Religion / Spiritualité

Teilhard de Chardin, twentieth-century paleontologist and Jesuit, envisioned an explosion in global communication that could expand human consciousness to the point of universal empathy. In the process, he joined his scientific knowledge to his religious faith. Exploring Teilhard's ideas in biblical texts, Marie Sabin discovers that his vision has ancient seeds. In the book of Job, the Gospel of John, and in Proverbs' feminine Wisdom, as well as in the gospels' Christ, she finds a persistent theme of evolving human consciousness. The texts ground Teilhard's futuristic thought in ancient wisdom, while Teilhard's evolutionary insights give these ancient voices contemporary relevance.

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