The Hitler Kiss — Ebook

A Memoir of Czech Resistance

Auteur : Radomir Luza
Publication : 15/12/2017
Langue : English
Pages : 295
Éditeur : LSU Press
ISBN : 9780807170212
Catégories : Biographie et autobiographie / Général, Biographie et autobiographie / Historique, Histoire / Militaire / Seconde guerre mondiale

This gripping autobiography is at once a heart-pounding adventure story, a moving recollection of a larger-than-life father, and an important account of the Czech resistance. Radomir Luza's father was a revered army general when the Nazis stormed into Czechoslovakia. After his father went underground to avoid arrest and torture, the nineteen-year-old Radomir spent weeks in a Gestapo prison. Upon his release, he joined his father in hiding. General Luza became the military commander of the Czech resistance, while Radomir secretly helped organize the country's largest resistance network. Luza's narrative makes palpable the terror of being constantly hunted and nearly snared by betrayals and Gestapo raids. The Hitler Kiss is a portrait of courage, tenderness, optimism, and sheer survival.

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