Revolution for God: The Royal Bloodline — Ebook

The Carolingian History

Auteur : Secret Society Of Jacobites
Publication : 15/06/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 302
Éditeur : Secret Society of Jacobites
ISBN : 9780692134184
Catégories : Biographie et autobiographie / Royauté, Religion / Chrétienté / Histoire, Religion / Chrétienté / Catholique

The Secret Society of Jacobites finally wants to reveal their longstanding secret in a new book being released named “Revolution for God: The Royal Lineage: The Carolingian History.”

“The secret is slightly sinister, so everyone wanted to keep it covered! The freemasons hypocritically confounded their message of divinity by resorting to sin. Hence, the Jacobites kept this dirty affair secret for so long. But to me, it speaks powerfully about our need for forgiveness and the Grace of God!” - clandestine member.

The Jacobites kept their secret under covers since 1747AD. Jacobite Bonnie Charles Edward Stuart was a descendant of the King of France, Charlemagne. But he had a hard time proving this fact. Records were sparse, and many people vied in contention for the Stuart crown. Bonnie Charles aspired to unite the Kingdom of God and started a Jacobite Rebellion to put a Carolingian back on the Throne of France, that had been usurped by the Capetians. Although Bonnie Charles started to build an army, he found he did not have to invade France. He merely travelled over to Versailles and had a scandalous affair with Bourbon mistress, Louise Henriette, who was the wife of Orleanist Louis Philippe I nicknamed “the Fat.” Their child became King of France during the July Revolution and emblazoned the Fleur de Lis on his Coat of Arms signifying that he was a descendant of Charlemagne. Bonnie Charles was nicknamed the “pretender king,” as was the son, Freemason Louis Philippe Joseph, who knew himself that he was an illegitimate Capetian. Voila! And so Bonnie Charles Stuart won the Jacobite Rebellion, but could not disclose his sinister victory. Hence, the secret of the Jacobites. The Orleanist “pretender king” in France actually is the legitimate Carolingian claimant to the Throne of France

The Roman Catholic Prophecies about a Carolingian Scion are coming true. Read on. The Christian Kingdom may be alive and well in modern times. It is up to us to take up the gauntlet and finish our Crusade in search for higher purpose and meaning in life. Most commoners do not know that the Orleanists are the French descendants of Charlemagne, their recognized historic and rightful King of France. This secret reclamation completes, full circle round, the Revolution for God.

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