Bodies of Consequence — Ebook

Auteurs : Juliette Lachemeier, Stephen Chong
Publication : 30/01/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 280
Éditeur : Stephen Chong
ISBN : 9780648457916
Catégories : Fiction / Général, Religion / Spiritualité

Every so often a book comes along that changes lives ... Bodies of Consequence is one such book.

This is the story about a grandfather and his beloved grandson, Michael. After his death, veteran WWII ex-sniper Matthew J. Cooper’s ascension to heaven evolves through the consequences of his life’s actions and the guidance of his grandson, who follows in his military footsteps.

Bodies of Consequence takes you on a journey that describes a life-after-death experience like no other. It explores the lives of ‘everyday’ people and the consequences of life in the hereafter through the beautifully interwoven paths of three generations of family.

“Bring up the bodies. Bring up the bodies,” is the clarion call as the veil of light parts to reveal the awaiting heavenly host. His casualties are waiting for him. They are his ‘Bodies of Consequence’. He has to face them.... Most of all, Matthew Cooper, the ex-sniper in heaven, has to save his grandson Michael from the ‘Bodies of Consequence’ in his own life ... so that’s what he does.

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