A Scout's Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols — Ebook

Auteur : Daniel Beard
Publication : 15/08/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 256
Éditeur : Dover Publications
ISBN : 9780486833392
Catégories : Sports et loisirs / Chasse, Nature / Général, Non-fiction jeunesse / Sports et loisirs / Camping et activités en plein air, Sports et loisirs / Camping, Développement personnel / Green Lifestyle

Boy Scouts cofounder and avid outdoorsman "Uncle Dan" Beard researched the secret languages of trappers, hobos, steamer pilots, and Native American tribes to compile this comprehensive resource of pictographs and other encoded communication symbols. First published nearly a century ago, this practical reference provides Scouts and other lovers of the outdoors with an ever-useful guide to following trails and interpreting their surroundings.
Uncle Dan leads readers from basic directional signs to danger signals of land and sea, chalk and map signs of animals, symbols of the elements, celestial characters, and marks of the seasons and of time. He explains common gesture language, signal codes, flag signaling, animal tracking, and a host of other well-illustrated signs, signals, and symbols. This timeless manual provides valuable insights that will enrich the adventures of hunters, campers, backpackers, Scouts, and other wilderness enthusiasts.

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