Livre numérique Advances in Virus Research

Advances in Virus Research — Ebook

Auteurs : Aaron J. Shatkin, Frederick A. Murphy, Karl Maramorosch
Publication : 14/08/2002
Langue : English
Pages : 339
Éditeur : Academic Press
Collections : Advances in Virus Research
ISBN 10 : 0080522440
ISBN : 9780080522449
Catégories : Science / Sciences de la vie / Zoologie / Entomologie, Médecine / Epidemiologie, Médecine / Maladies infectieuses, Science / Sciences de la vie / Biologie / Microbiologie, Science / Sciences de la vie / Botanique

This latest volume in the Advances in Virus Research series presents articles on topics such as the role of lipid rafts in virus assembly and budding; novel vaccine strategies; treatment of arenavirus infections; the evaluation of drug resistance in HIV infection; perspectives on polydnavirus origin and evolution; bateriophage 29 DNA packaging; the potential of plant viral vectors and transgenic plants for subunit vaccine production; and the interaction of orthopoxviruses with interferon-treated cultured cells. This timely and informative compilation of articles will be of interest to researchers in the fields of virology, immunology, microbiology, and plant science.

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